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Here are the discussion questions that we posed at the World Without Police BBQ and discussion. This was a remarkably simple event to hold, and generated inspiring discussion and great, actionable ideas.  And hopefully raised awareness of issues around police, and inspired some folks to action.
We had a BBQ/potluck with simple and amazing food and a campfire/burn barrel around which we circled up for discussion. It was very lightly facilitated, where we introduced some ground rules around listening to each other and making space.  Then a quick go-around/check-in at the beginning to share names and preferred gender pronoun.  Then we broke up into small groups for the majority of the time and asked the groups to tackle the discussion questions (all, some, or their own).  The groups reported back to the larger group when we circled back up.  This turned into a general and wide-ranging discussion about strategies, tactics, vision, and ideas

The discussion questions were circulated early on so people could talk about stuff during the informal BBQ:
  • World without Police Discussion Questions 
  • What services are police providing that we need? Are there alternatives? 
  • What are police failing at? How could we do better? 
  • What would a world without police and other coercive authority look and feel like? 
  • What situations would you currently call the police? What are some alternatives? 
  • What can we do right now if police obsolescence is our goal? 
  • What are your own questions/issues/challenges?
Here are the ideas that came out of the discussion.  

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